Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Your Trip

1. How many passengers are allowed on the boat trip?
Our license is regulated by the United States Coast Guard, and we are permitted to take up to six passengers. Being a center console fishing boat seating is limited. 4-5 adults is the most comfortable option. If you have more than six persons in your party we can do our best to help find another boat to join in the fun.

2. Are children allowed on the boat?
Yes! We encourage you to bring children so long as they are over the age where they can walk and withstand the movement of the seas safely. Captain Kurt

3. Are Gift Certificates available?
Yes! please call  Call Today: 561-440-5565 for information.


Preparation for the Trip

1. Do I need a saltwater fishing license?
No, you are covered under my charter boat fishing license, and nothing further is needed.

2. What happens if it is raining on the day of my trip?
Weather conditions are in the captains’ discretion. All of our boats have sophisticated safety equipment and state of the art electronics. The decision to cancel a charter will be made prior to the trip and your deposit will be refunded if need be. You should plan on showing up for your trip, even if you think there is a possibility for cancellation, because there are times when the weather is much different on the water than it is on land. That said, we will cancel a trip for heavy rain, if we do have to cancel your trip due to weather, we will try our best to reschedule.

3. What should I bring for my trip?
Check the weather the night before for the temperature. Here are some suggestions: sweatshirts, rain gear (if forecasted), sunglasses, hat, camera, food, beverages, and a cooler for your take-home fillets.

4. Can we bring alcohol onboard the boat?
Yes, glass containers are discouraged. If a passenger becomes drunk or rowdy, the captain has the discretion to cancel the trip and immediately return to the dock. No refunds will be given under these circumstances.

5. Do I need to bring fishing gear or bait?
No, we provide top notch custom fishing gear. We fish with Shimano Tiagra’s and custom X generation rods.

6. How do I dress for the trip?
Weather on the water is different is significantly different than the weather on land. You should dress in layers, and have a waterproof jacket and shoes.

7. Do I tip the captain?
It is customary to tip the captain 15% to 20% for a job well-done.


During Your Trip

1. Is there a bathroom onboard the boat?
We suggest using the bathroom before the trip which is located at our place of departure. In case of emergencies we do have a portable functioning bucket or back of the boat!

2. Can I keep my fish and do you clean it?
Yes, you can keep your catch as long as it meets state regulations. We will expertly fillet your fish for you, or otherwise dress them however you wish. You will receive your cleaned and filleted catch in sealed zip lock bags, which can be frozen or cooked immediately.


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